We're British, Innit.
Sorry if the updates have been slow recently, I have exams so I havnt been able to type them up. I promise alot more updates when the exams are over

Best blog ever. =]

Haha Thank you :’)
this just made my day

Just wanted to say I hope you're having a good day! This does not necessitate a response, it's only an attempt to make someone smile.

Well it did make me smile ALOT, Thank you :)

Oh you actually legend :')
Come with me to buy this book?!

Haha :’) Thought you would like it
what if its in Waterstones? ;) Cause they love you in there chelsea XD

this is my new favourite tumblr, I LOVE IT SO MUCH. thank you!

>.< THANK YOU! :)
Im sorry if the updates are a little slow sometimes as it takes forever to type up but Ill make sure they keep being posted though :)

Hey, do you know if some of these have been published in the Independent? Because I'm sure I read them somewhere and it wasn't the book, and I think it was the Indie :S

BTW I love this, it's so cool

Yup some of them have, The Independant took some extracts from the book.
Thank you :)

This blog has been up just over 24 hours and has about 60 followers… I just screamed like a girl.

I didn’t think I could do that.